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The Snuggie Hits Japan; Takes the name of “NuKMe”

Yes. This is my excuse for a New Years Post.

The NukMe, a product who’s name is just as awkward as how you look wearing it, is the recent Japanese solution to the US’s Snuggie.  I discovered it the other day at the Japanese alternative to Blockbuster near my house.


According the description, the NuKMe is “a blanket which covers your body completely.  The NuKMe is an Extremely Popular product!!”

For all of you not up to date with the Snuggie, here’s a commercial that aired stateside.


The one thing is the name.  I’m guessing it’s derived from Nuke – as in, “I’m going to nuke some soup in the microwave”- and Me, but still, the name just seems like it could easily be misinterpreted, or become a bad joke, of something more inappropriate. Hmm

Time for an update

Well, it’s been over a month since my last blog post.  I feel I’ve failed you all at posting regularly.  It’s just been so refreshing not having to post on my blog all the time.

I’m doing quite fine.  I recently had a lot of stress built up from school (long story short, Japan isn’t always open to things that are different, that including foreigners.  I wrote a huge blog post but removed it within about 10 minutes.) I’m better now, though, and have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends of recent which makes me happy.  I’m sad to have to leave them in 2 months.

Well, to make this blog post the least bit interesting, I’m going to share one more thing I’ve tended to over-blog about: Japanese cell phones.  But this is a bit different.   Japanese phones are all about expressing yourself, and Japanese female phones can get pretty crazy at times.   My host mom wanted to make her phone cuter, and thus bought all these small little fake gems and glue and stuff.   I took on the task of painstakingly gluing all the tiny little gems onto her phone, as a sort of gift because she said she didn’t like doing those sort of things.

Phone before:




As goes without mentioning, I’m thankful it’s not my phone. 

It took me a freakin 2 and a half hours to place all the gems.

New Favorite Commercial

That’s the thing about summer break.  I havent done anything significant and thus have nothing to blog about…

This is the new Softbank Commerical. Featuring Brad Pitt. Enjoy.


So. I went and saw Harry Potter 6. Again. With friends. After school the other day and they had a trailer for the upcoming “Hachi” movie.  They were just so different it surprised me (especially the music). It really shows the difference in the cultures (that sounds lame, i know)

US: (Look below picture for Japan. The stupid blog uploader wasn’t working nice)

OH and I almost saw Richard Gere the other day in Shibuya (The station/area with the Hachiko statue). Had I waited there for like 10 minutes I wouldve seen Richard Gere doing a publicity thing for Hachi. But I had tests so I had to leave :/ Darn



Picture of the Day

I removed the number from the title. Made it less stressful. Because, as I predicted, I was not able to keep it daily.


This is my Japanese cell phone.  On which I am watching Harry Potter 3.  As the TV tuner is built in and not run from the cell phone service, it’s completely free. and Harry Potter was on TV today. The thing on the left is the antenna. The music note is the subtitle function that I have on my phone.  Other functions of the TV tuner include that If I wanted to, I could watching two different television channels at once on the same screen.  Also, if I were to hold my phone normally and not in screen-view mode, that information would be streamed under the television.  For example, if I were watching the news weather would be streamed underneath or if there’s a commercial it might stream a link right underneath and thus I could go right to the website, with the television still streaming on the upper half of the screen. I can also hit a button and take picture or videos of what I’m watching, or even set up a schedule and my phone automatically records what I want to watch. like TiVo. It’s absolutely amazing.

This is what my phone looks like normally, by the way

Girls in Japan have lowered their standard to that of a different species


All the girls I know in Japan have this extremely annoying obsession with this male singer named “Matsujun”.  He’s like my Japanese Miley Cyrus. (Spell-check, by the way, thought the correct spelling for Miley Cyrus should be “Milky Cyrus”) I’ve just had enough of hearing about him and seeing his face everwhere.

Another reason it’s annoying is because I think, frankly, Matsujun sort of looks like big bird. An Asian big bird.

photo_matsujun_01 big-bird

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