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First update in a while

Hey.  Long time no posting.

I’m back from Japan.  Frankly, I liked it more there.

I’ve been so busy and posting on this blog hasn’t been on the top of my priority list.

Got some good news, though.

I’m attempting to get into a full-Japanese University. Wish me luck, though I’m not sure my Japanese level is quite at that point yet

If I do get into Japanese University, I will re-start posting on this blog.  I’ve already been working on adjustments (major one being that I will switch blog hosting websites to one where I have a bit more freedom *coughcough* blogger) and the other good news with that is that I can stick advertising on the side of the blog (I’m sorry) and make MONEY.  YEAH.  Though besides that, the all-out layout of the blog has been vastly redesigned and I think you’ll be happy with the new look.  (It looks, if I may say so, pretty darn good.  It’ll hopefully put this site to shame).   When I do that, I’ll hopefully begin to post more frequently. (Hopefully once every few days. )

So yeah.  Wish me luck in getting into Japanese University.  I’ll be going back to Japan this summer to hopefully get some things ironed out :)



Yes. This is my excuse for a New Years Post.

The NukMe, a product who’s name is just as awkward as how you look wearing it, is the recent Japanese solution to the US’s Snuggie.  I discovered it the other day at the Japanese alternative to Blockbuster near my house.


According the description, the NuKMe is “a blanket which covers your body completely.  The NuKMe is an Extremely Popular product!!”

For all of you not up to date with the Snuggie, here’s a commercial that aired stateside.


The one thing is the name.  I’m guessing it’s derived from Nuke – as in, “I’m going to nuke some soup in the microwave”- and Me, but still, the name just seems like it could easily be misinterpreted, or become a bad joke, of something more inappropriate. Hmm





I found the children’s Christmas book section at a store. And then under that is the Christmas Cake we bought at Baskin Robbins.

Christmas in Tokyo


Roppongi Illuminations.  I went with a Thai friend after an exchange student meeting.


My Friends dog next to the christmas tree in his house

CA3C0573McDuck’s Department Store.  Tokyo Disney Sea.


Yeah not much happening.


SITE RELATED NOTE: the domain “” will expire on the 31st of December.  I don’t know yet whether i’ll repurchase it for another term. 

You must thereafter access my blog from


Well, I took the JLPT level 2 yesterday. 

I did really good on my practice tests.  Scoring with room to spare enough to pass.

Yesterday…not so much.


No interesting picture or anything.

Britney Hamada

So, I was just walking around Shibuya, as I tend to do after school for a bit just because it’s fun, and then I noticed next to me that they were filming a TV variety show starring Hamada Britney, who’s famous for being highly-gal fashion, a comic author, a model, as well as a (rich) homeless girl who sleeps in Karaoke booths.

If you watch the special (It airs on Dec 24, actually), you may actually see me in the background.  Looking like one of those complete idiots who once he see’s a celebrity he begins to take pictures from his phone.


I tried waving at her at one point after the shooting.  She didn’t wave back. :(



Friend made it for me.

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