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New Alice in Wonderland Trailer

I figured, since the trailer only just came out today in the US, and its like 2am where I lived in the US, many people are unaware of the new trailer. And thus, here it is: The New Trailer for Alice in Wonderland. By Tim Burton.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a side note, nothing relevant has happened the past few days in Japan. It’s summer break, so nothing much is happening. Yet.



I don’t know if anyone else has ever felt what I’ve been feeling of recent: I’ve had this extreme fear everything is out to kill me since I leave for Japan next month.

Here’s a brief list of times I’ve felt threatened in the past day or so by normal everyday things:

  • I was in a car that was next to a truck.  I felt like the truck was going to tip over.  And I would die.
  • I slept in the basement last night.  I was afraid my gas fireplace would leak. And I would die.
  • I was sick with a bug a few days ago. I was afraid I would go to sleep and not wake up, like that one girl with a sickness did last year. And thus, I would’ve died.
  • I slipped a little on the ice this morning when I stepped outside. I was afraid I was going to fall. And die.
  • I was boiling water to make some tea.  I was afraid for some reason the kettle would explode and blind me with the boiling water.  I would still be alive, but emotionally I would be dead, since I wouldn’t be able to see Japan.

I know, I know. I sound like quite the Debbie-Downer.  But I’ve been waiting so long for this it just doesn’t feel true that it’s actually happening (yes I sound cheesy (I hate that word – cheesy. It always reminded me of Chuck E Cheese and that place always scared me because I went there when I was little and the animatronic concert thing gave me nightmares.  And if I went there and saw the concert nowadays I’d probably have to add it to my above list))

New laptop


I got a new laptop today. It’s all shiny and nice and stuff. And thus, I’m going to make an introduction  video!


…Because I’m still figuring out how to use my computer and all that stuff.

Well, It’s a Dell XPS laptop. 

It looks like this:

Except mine doesn’t have all the nifty dramatic lighting. But it IS the same color :)

EDIT: Wow i had a lot of typos…This new keyboard is going to take a bit to get used to

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