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Check my Twitter

I’ve begun to update my twitter a lot.  You can follow a better feed of what I’m doing from here (click) (or look at the sidebar of this website).  I can update it from my phone, which is nice.

Yeah I haven’t made a new post in a while. And a bit of an announcement

I’m sorry to all my reader’s who’ve been disappointed by my recent lack of posts on the blog.    I took a break from blogging and from keeping track of everything for a while, and it felt pretty good.  

Starting September, I’m going to be cutting down on the amount I blog.  As much as I like blogging,  it’s been pretty time consuming, and I’m going to be actively participating in my club and school starting September so I’m going to cut down on my blog posts in order to not have to worry about that as well.

If you were worrying, nothing interesting has happened of recent since my last blog post.

Also, in December, I shall be taking the JLPT level 2 test.  Which is a test to determine if I’m yet at level 2 according to the JLPT scale thing.  Though it means I’m going to be pretty busy studying, as I’m going to have to know about 1000 Kanji (Chinese characters) as well as pretty difficult sentence structures. 

I will from time to time blog, though don’t expect it to be as frequent as it has up until now. 

Thank you,



Quick note

Blerch i don’t like making serious-ish posts.  Though i have to get a few things down.

First, quicker note: In my last post, in one of my latter descriptions of Steve, I by accidently said he was blind, rather than bald.  It was after one of the initial descriptions of him, so you may not have noticed, and I’ve corrected it now, but that would’ve been extremely coincidental had Steve been blind in my both incidences.  Once again, I wish to note that I don’t have a problem with either blind or bald people. Baldness was just a characteristic of him.

Main note: I got several pretty unhappy e-mails from people (Colin, you selfish Jerk! You’re so annoying! The world doesn’t just revolve around you.  Love, mom. (not really from my mom, but i did get a message from a different anonymous person)), that really, I didn’t expect to be the only foreigner in Japan.  I was just merely disappointed, at times, about the sheer number of other foreigners, as they sometimes ruin the specialness of being a foreigner in Japan.

So please,  stop sending my e-mails.

Well, I’m actually going to go ahead and make an actual post about my school trip now.  I didn’t want this and my school trip in the same blog post because, frankly, i didn’t want to make this blog post though I wanted to just get the message out.

Today…I saw nature. And it was nice.

First off, I’ve been researching the stats on my blog and every since I did the post on the Penis Festival my blog views skyrocketed, and for the past week or so I’ve been rated in the top 15 travel blogs.  I also looked at the referral list (where a link to my blog is found), and my blog is now found on sex news websites and weird news websites all over the world.  The most popularly linked picture was the picture of the girl with the red shirt riding the…wooden one.

Just thought you all might like to know some stats.

Well, getting on to the main point, today, I had my first real day of school today (yes, Saturday). First class, I had computer class. Which was pretty easy, even in Japanese. Next was Japanese class with the Scottish boy, Christopher, which was fun, and then I had another Japanese class with a different teacher.  It was one of the most interesting Japanese classes I’ve ever had, considering that we didn’t really study too much Japanese and in fact went and took a bike ride to a park. 

And the park was full of nature. Wonderful, wonderful, nature.  I mean, it was pretty basic stuff like trees and a pond and a duck but really you don’t get much authentic nature in Tokyo, and thus I havn’t seen much nature-y nature for about a month.  And, of course, I took pictures.  Not great pictures, because I took them with my phone, but still. Pictures.





















I was taking a picture of a nice road with cool looking trees and everything but then I was almost hit by a car while I was in the middle of taking the picture so I got a picture of the sidewalk instead.



I also stopped by Harajuku on the way home.  I took the above picture at a park, and also took a picture of a sign that said “NO SNORKING”, which I, of course, by accidently deleted.

New Website section

Ok. So I made a new section (Look above next to the “contact” section) where I’ve posted a large list of questions I have ado with Japan. Go ahead and check it out and comment with your own questions you have on Japan so I can add them to my mental list of things to look for while I’m in Japan. Or send your questions to


Waiting for Something to happen


I’m just making a post regarding the fact I have not yet really made any post with any real content.  

That is mostly due to the fact I have not really had much happen yet ado with my experience in Japan.  No priorienteering (actually, we had a conferance call. But that is most definatly not worthy of it’s own post) or info yet on where I’ll be in Japan or who my family will be.  I havn’t gotten my laptop yet, so I can’t yet really make my introduction video (I am considering just making a poor quality camera-to-computer intro, though). I did, though, win a huge scholarship.  Though I feel like I should incorporate that into the big introduction post (Which’ll include the video). I feel like I’m really repeating myself, and thus I’m going to end this post.

Basically, the reason I made this post is because I really hope to make several blog posts a week when things get rolling and I just felt iffy having had no new real post in a while.


By the way, I have met some of the people going to Japan with me. They come from a good variety of places like Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany,  Norway and Australia. I have yet to meet any Americans going.


Howdy (No I’m not from Texas)

My name is Colin. Today, as a little “New Years” Present to all, I activated my blog under “”.  Pretty Nifty.  And with that, I formally declare this blog active.

Unfortunately, I do not yet have a laptop. I’m going to order one by the end of this week. And thus, in the meantime, I’ll have to stick to text/pictures. When I get the laptop I’ll begin work on actual videos and nifty things like that, such as an introduction video on myself.

But then again, I’m not even in Japan yet. So you aren’t really missing much. Just my random pre-departure thoughts. (Because the world just really needs to know them)

Oh and a note about my mascot: He’s just a little doodle I made a while back that i got a hugely positive response on. And thus, he’s my mascot who I’ll hopefully incorporate into all sorts of random web shenanigans.

My first doodle of him

My first doodle of him. Back when I had a diffirent website theme I had a higher resolution version of this as my website header, but I switched to a cleaner design instead.

This blog post is so lacking in content I feel bad even posting it.

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