My life, stories and shenanigans from Japan

Quick note

Blerch i don’t like making serious-ish posts.  Though i have to get a few things down.

First, quicker note: In my last post, in one of my latter descriptions of Steve, I by accidently said he was blind, rather than bald.  It was after one of the initial descriptions of him, so you may not have noticed, and I’ve corrected it now, but that would’ve been extremely coincidental had Steve been blind in my both incidences.  Once again, I wish to note that I don’t have a problem with either blind or bald people. Baldness was just a characteristic of him.

Main note: I got several pretty unhappy e-mails from people (Colin, you selfish Jerk! You’re so annoying! The world doesn’t just revolve around you.  Love, mom. (not really from my mom, but i did get a message from a different anonymous person)), that really, I didn’t expect to be the only foreigner in Japan.  I was just merely disappointed, at times, about the sheer number of other foreigners, as they sometimes ruin the specialness of being a foreigner in Japan.

So please,  stop sending my e-mails.

Well, I’m actually going to go ahead and make an actual post about my school trip now.  I didn’t want this and my school trip in the same blog post because, frankly, i didn’t want to make this blog post though I wanted to just get the message out.


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