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Colin in Japan: Coming Soon!

Starting in March, I shall be posting in this blog.  Why march, ask you?  Well, there are some very specific reasons, actually.  I’m going to be an exchange student in Japan as of March for a year, and this blog, with the help of such websites as Youtube, Peevee TV (Japan) and several other websites, will relay to you my life as a 16 year old american boy in Japan.  In this blog, I shall post daily an assortment of stories, pictures, videos and other goodies, bringing my experinces to you.

My videos and vlogs will of course be on not only Youtube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe, but also a Japanese video sharing website called “Peevee.Tv”, which had the wonderful options of allowing viewers to download my content to their ipods and even sign up for my videos as a Video podcast, if they like.  Thus proving that yes, the internet has way too much space. :)

Here’s a little sample video: (EDITED 12/16/2008: I switched to vimeo for my blog’s videos as it has the nicest video interface)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More Info and Updates coming soon!


And in the mean time, knock yourself out with the video of the Panda.  Because I know it’s just such an entertaining video

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