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I got host family pictures today…

I got host family pictures today.  For the privacy of my family, I won’t be posting them online, but I will say they look quite…perfect.  I’ll probably post pictures of the family eventually when I, myself, have taken the pictures or am in the pictures.  (I have, however, posted the three pictures on facebook, but the albums are available to friends only) I will, however, crop one of the pictures and show a nice picture of Chouchou. More like Chubchub.  I think s/he’s rather cute. 

Kyoko & Chouchou

By the way, I learned this morning that the tags on my blog posts organize themselves alphabetically.  Before today, I was putting nifty little messages in the tags, and I realize now that the tags don’t make any sense and have really basic tags (i.e: The, a, I, etc.)
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So much for Karma….


I thought for sure that if I made a post regarding the fact I don’t have a family I would soon get a family. Because that’s just how things always seem to work out for me.

And of course, because I made this post, I have assured myself I won’t get a family until a few days before I leave.


And yet I post this post anyways…

By the way, I’ve begun work on a new animation. Personally, i think it’s much better and funnier than my first animation. Then again, my first animation was just a test animation where I was just kind of messing around so I didn’t have all that high of expectations for it.
Here’s a little teaser image:

Yeah.  I'll put anyone who can guess what the video is about in the youtube credits

Yeah. I'll put anyone who can guess what the video is about in the youtube credits...

By the way, I’m actually posting this on the 19th, not the 20th.


All the AFSers are getting families.

I’m so anxious.



I want one



I know. Pretty interesting post, right?

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