My life, stories and shenanigans from Japan


All the AFSers are getting families.

I’m so anxious.



I want one



I know. Pretty interesting post, right?


Comments on: "Yar!.." (12)

  1. Except for me!!! Rawrr!!!

  2. Colin, PLEASE tell me how you got rgar visitor location thing! It’s so awesome, I want one too! :-D

  3. Oh yeah I was going to ask you the same thing too. What Inga said. Yeah it’s cool because you can stalk people like that. xD hahaha jk jk.

  4. To get one, just go to
    and type in your website name and make a password or something. Then, when it’s all filled out, you copy the HTML code somewhere on your webpage to get the map. Sorry that was so unhelpful on how to actually put it up..I use wordpress and I don’t know much about blogspot :/

    And it is pretty nifty, isn’t it…

  5. hahahaa :-D How come we all like to stalk people? Thank you for explaining, I think I understand now. But I will wait until some more people visit my blog, so it won’t be embarrasing. VISIT MY BLOG!

  6. Lol just put it up now. I didn’t think I had many visitors then i put the map up and I began to have dots on places like Bangladesh, Thailand, Costa Rica and Russia…

    You can at least register your site before you post the map so you begin to get dots and then when you’re ready you can put the map up :)

    Note: You won’t get any dots untill day 2 or 3. In that time the map is still configuring

  7. Thanks! Yeah I put it up!

  8. notice that one of the biggest dots is Trondheim in Norway :-D

  9. btw, I’m sorry for spamming your blog with visitor. I always forget to save the link to thet map-thingie.

  10. risaijapan said:

    *spams colin* HEY.

  11. I don’t mind people checking my blog/spamming it with non-spam comments. Makes me feel special :)

    And the map counts IP addresses, not views. So you could look at the map all you want and still not affect it at all

  12. By the way, i love how my 20-word-no-real-point post has the most responses of any of my posts :P

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