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Picture of the Day

I think it’s a pretty good panorama considering I took it from my phone camera.  Click on it to see a better quality (it wont let me upload with max quality)

Picture of the Day #10


It’s rainy season.

By the way, I enabled ratings on my blog posts. Just for fun.

Picture of the Day #9


Everyone’s in study mode, with next week being the big-test week.


I felt the need the censor faces out.  He’s been viewable in other posts, though in that other post there was a picture of myself as well so I feel it was a bit more justified. Just posting a picture of him is a bit different.

Picture of the Day #8


Garden near Kamakura. And a friend of mine.

Picture of the Day #7


Kamakura, Japan

Picture of the Day #6


Cellphone strap overload.

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