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The Snuggie Hits Japan; Takes the name of “NuKMe”

Yes. This is my excuse for a New Years Post.

The NukMe, a product who’s name is just as awkward as how you look wearing it, is the recent Japanese solution to the US’s Snuggie.  I discovered it the other day at the Japanese alternative to Blockbuster near my house.


According the description, the NuKMe is “a blanket which covers your body completely.  The NuKMe is an Extremely Popular product!!”

For all of you not up to date with the Snuggie, here’s a commercial that aired stateside.


The one thing is the name.  I’m guessing it’s derived from Nuke – as in, “I’m going to nuke some soup in the microwave”- and Me, but still, the name just seems like it could easily be misinterpreted, or become a bad joke, of something more inappropriate. Hmm

Harry Potter + Japan being 14 hours ahead of Minnesota = Awesome


While all you Americans were cramming yourself into a movie theater at midnight, I leisurely went and saw a matinee of Harry Potter in Kawasaki, and still managed to see it before any Americans would physically be able to even if they went at Midnight.  I love how Japan is 14 hours ahead of Minnesota.  My movie was at 1:50pm, which is 11:50pm the day before in Minnesota, which is still before midnight.  I also saw the 3D Imax version, which, essentially, was sort of a waste as they only applied the 3D thing to the first like 10 minutes of the movie.

Besides that, though, the movie was really good! You should go see it.

(Oh and I saw it in English.)

Girls in Japan have lowered their standard to that of a different species


All the girls I know in Japan have this extremely annoying obsession with this male singer named “Matsujun”.  He’s like my Japanese Miley Cyrus. (Spell-check, by the way, thought the correct spelling for Miley Cyrus should be “Milky Cyrus”) I’ve just had enough of hearing about him and seeing his face everwhere.

Another reason it’s annoying is because I think, frankly, Matsujun sort of looks like big bird. An Asian big bird.

photo_matsujun_01 big-bird

And the heavens shall tremble


Oh my.

Today, in English class, one of the class discussion questions was “What  would you say is cool and not cool in Japan”, in order to exercise the word “cool”.  It provided some very…er. sad. results. There are a few things people said:

Things that are cool:

  • Akihabara (the electric town)
  • Maid Cafes (one of the sadder experiences of my life)
  • Wii
  • Television
  • 80s music
  • Video games

Things that aren’t cool:

  • Outdoors
  • Rap Music
  • traveling to foreign countries (they claimed it wasn’t cool to get sick with swine flu)


My calligraphy class.  You can just see everyone is feeling the rush of drawing Chinese characters in an artistic fashion: DVC00078

I feel like it is my duty to note, though, that this was in fact the break between the two periods.

That’s right. Stitch is American.

Here’s a list of things from Japan that people are surprised Americans know about: The list was longer in my head, and I’ll probably update at some point.

  • Pokémon
  • Nintendo
  • Playstation (PSP)
  • Mario (The name “Mario” was given by Nintendo of America…)
  • Dragonball Z
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Sushi
  • Japanese Game Shows
  • Disney (What? It’s American…They’re always surprised when I recognize Chip N Dale or Stitch from Lilo and Stich or other characters, and then proceed to ask me if we have them in America) By the way I’ve grown to really like Stitch in my time in Japan. He’s so awesome

Things they think we have in the states but don’t:

  • Electric Toilets
  • A Nursury right in the high school for teen mothers
  • A McDonalds right in the school
  • Everyone carries a gun to school

On a related note about Disney, I figured out why the 7 dwarves have such weird names.  They’re Japanese, and didn’t introduce themselves to Snow White when they first fricken met her, and she had to make names for them based off of a characteristic of them. I mean seriously.  It’s been like 2 months, and I still mentally refer to most people with names such as Blondie, Screamy, Sleepy, Sex-y, Booky, PSP-y, Spikey, Late-y, Dozey, and Goku-y (it’s due to the spikey blond hair).  And when I do get around to asking their names they say both names together really fast and I’m left with nil (“What’s your name?” “KUCHIYAMAHIROYUKI” “Oh ok. Thank you, Kuchi..hiro..something..”)


Today Colin did not Shine

Today, when asked “What’s the capital of Rhode Island?”, I replied “Quahog”.



Not only is Quahog not the capital, it isn’t even a real city.

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