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Most Frequently Asked Questions

AI just thought I’d make a list on questions I’ve been asked about Japan, because I have not had a blog post in a few days (still no family).  I excluded really basic questions from the list (When do you leave? How long will you be there?)

  1. Are you fluent in Chinese? Oh yes. Of course
  2. Is [your brother Martin] going as well? No, he is not
  3. Are you really going to go? Naaaaah.
  4. But how are you going to be able to eat sushi for every meal? Err…they don’t?
  5. Are you going to get a Japanese Girlfriend? Well, that’s not why I’m going…


I’m growing desperate on things to blog about.  I have yet to work on that video i made a while ago but that’s about all i can think of to blog.


Epic Number

I calculated that if I go to Japan on the 16th of March and get back on the 10th of January, I’ll be in Japan for approximately 300 days.


I’d say the movie is a pretty good representation of how my trip is going to be.

And an even better representation of my body.


And no, I still do not have a family yet which is why this post is so random.

Ho ho ho…

Well, It’s (about) 25 Days till I leave.  And, because we have a left over Advent Calendar from Christmas, I’ve begun to use an Advent Calendar to count down the days.

Amazingly, this was the best picture I could find of the one I have.

Oh. And I added some new emoticons to my blog program. Nifty

Just another intense blog post by Colin.

I think I’m going to switch from Flickr to Windows Live Photo Albums

I think it’ll be easier to keep things organized and will be faster to share if I just go with windows live instead of Flickr.  Flickr is nice, but it would take to long to keep things organized.  And doesn’t the nice little photo montage above look nice?


Ado with my last post, my last day of school this year is Friday, March 13th.


That plane is going to crash.

(That’s two Friday the 13th months in a row, by the way)


I don’t know if anyone else has ever felt what I’ve been feeling of recent: I’ve had this extreme fear everything is out to kill me since I leave for Japan next month.

Here’s a brief list of times I’ve felt threatened in the past day or so by normal everyday things:

  • I was in a car that was next to a truck.  I felt like the truck was going to tip over.  And I would die.
  • I slept in the basement last night.  I was afraid my gas fireplace would leak. And I would die.
  • I was sick with a bug a few days ago. I was afraid I would go to sleep and not wake up, like that one girl with a sickness did last year. And thus, I would’ve died.
  • I slipped a little on the ice this morning when I stepped outside. I was afraid I was going to fall. And die.
  • I was boiling water to make some tea.  I was afraid for some reason the kettle would explode and blind me with the boiling water.  I would still be alive, but emotionally I would be dead, since I wouldn’t be able to see Japan.

I know, I know. I sound like quite the Debbie-Downer.  But I’ve been waiting so long for this it just doesn’t feel true that it’s actually happening (yes I sound cheesy (I hate that word – cheesy. It always reminded me of Chuck E Cheese and that place always scared me because I went there when I was little and the animatronic concert thing gave me nightmares.  And if I went there and saw the concert nowadays I’d probably have to add it to my above list))

Turned Boredome Into Productivity

First off, I must say that I really poorly named this post.  I couldn’t think of something to name it so I just kind of went with “generic”.

Well, I felt sort of bad due to the fact I hadn’t posted in a while since nothing has really been happening of late (still no family) so I thought I’d just kind of give an update on what’s I’ve been up to related to Japan.

Well, I’ve begun work on a sort of small-documentary.  I’m still in the planning stage, but the video will revolve around my life as an American kid-boy thing.  I’ve begun to film/will film my life, from waking up to going to bed (Not in real time- Whole video will only be a few minutes).  I know. Sounds pretty exciting.

But really, I’m going to Japan with a bunch of non-americans who don’t know what it’s like to be an american, and if I’m going to be making video blogs and such where I’ll most likely make references to my american life, it’s always helpful to have something to compare to.  Plus, it’s a pretty interesting thing to just kind of show them.

Oh, and I guess I’ll be in Japan.  Which isn’t America.  So I can always show people I meet in Japan (students, family, etc. ).  I just need to subtitle it.

I’m even going to bring my camera to school and take some videos there. Nifty.

Well, That’s all I can think of to say.

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