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I got host family pictures today…

I got host family pictures today.  For the privacy of my family, I won’t be posting them online, but I will say they look quite…perfect.  I’ll probably post pictures of the family eventually when I, myself, have taken the pictures or am in the pictures.  (I have, however, posted the three pictures on facebook, but the albums are available to friends only) I will, however, crop one of the pictures and show a nice picture of Chouchou. More like Chubchub.  I think s/he’s rather cute. 

Kyoko & Chouchou

By the way, I learned this morning that the tags on my blog posts organize themselves alphabetically.  Before today, I was putting nifty little messages in the tags, and I realize now that the tags don’t make any sense and have really basic tags (i.e: The, a, I, etc.)
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