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Oh yeah. I forgot to say I was going to Fukuoka


Yeah for the past week I was in Fukuoka.  I’ll give you all a bigger blog post tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy this majestic picture of me. Wearing traditional Japanese garments.

Earthquake struck today

Today, I experienced my first major earthquake.  It occurred in Shizuoka, and while I don’t know where that is in Japan it was strong enough to register as 6.5 and to seem pretty darn scary when it struck at 5am this morning.

My phone, which has an earthquake alarm mailing system, sent me an email notifying me of the earthquake just seconds before it struck. My phone then sends off a special alarm, notifying me of my potentially impending doom.

I, ironically, had my phone on silent mode.

So, when my phone began to madly vibrate at 5am in the morning I angrily went over and picked it up, wondering why on earth somebody was texting me at such an early hour. 

Then the whole house began to shake violently side to side and I thought I was going to die and when it all ended I fell back asleep because it was frankly 5 o’clock in the morning and when I’m tired, for all I care the tripods could be invading and I’d still rather just go back to bed.

Now, had I not been in my home, sleeping, when the earthquake went off and had I been in, say, a crowded train traveling beneath Tokyo, I probably would’ve been freaking out when my phone alarm went off and said “You’re about to be hit by an earthquake. Take cover”.

But hey, it was a strong enough earthquake to do not very nice things to this wine:


New Favorite Commercial

That’s the thing about summer break.  I havent done anything significant and thus have nothing to blog about…

This is the new Softbank Commerical. Featuring Brad Pitt. Enjoy.


Ok. Something keeps happening to me and I just wanted to point it out.

So.  I frequently email my friends at school using my cellphone, in Japanese, and I generally tend to get emails back in English, with Japanese inserted where they don’t know how to say the things in English. 

The emails I get are always something like this:

HI COLIN. HOW ARE YOU? 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず。BYE

I mean, really.  What?  I know they’re trying to be nice, but why is it that only the things I certainly don’t know always appears in Japanese and the things I can gladly say I’ve learned after four and a half months always appears in English?

I mean, chances are, I do it to.  I’ve heard myself a many a time say something like その猫はVERY CHUNKYです.

It’s just, in the end, very ironic.

The example sentences, by the way, have never appeared in actually conversation.  (The first one, being a Japanese proverb, says “One who chases after two hares won’t catch even one.” (I used Wikipedia), the second being “That cat is very chunky”)

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