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Because I haven’t updated in a while

Alrighty.  It’s not that I’ve gotten lazy or anything, it’s just that nothing relevant has happened until yesterday and since then I have been very busy.  Hang with me. Some sort of post will come tomorrow or the next day.  For now, I’ll leave you one of those witty quotes I used at Disneyland to share my great knowledge of the United States to a curious comrade.

Comrade:  (looking at sign) Mark Twain? Who is that?

Me: Probably one of the most famous American authors.

Comrade:  I see.  What book did he write?

Me:  Oh. Um. The Adventures of Tom Brady?!?



Which is sad, considering I’ve read the book. And, thankfully, when I did (some time later) correct myself, the friend had heard of neither Tom Brady nor Tom Sawyer.

tom-brady-hats-off tom-sawyer


New Alice in Wonderland Trailer

I figured, since the trailer only just came out today in the US, and its like 2am where I lived in the US, many people are unaware of the new trailer. And thus, here it is: The New Trailer for Alice in Wonderland. By Tim Burton.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a side note, nothing relevant has happened the past few days in Japan. It’s summer break, so nothing much is happening. Yet.


So. I went and saw Harry Potter 6. Again. With friends. After school the other day and they had a trailer for the upcoming “Hachi” movie.  They were just so different it surprised me (especially the music). It really shows the difference in the cultures (that sounds lame, i know)

US: (Look below picture for Japan. The stupid blog uploader wasn’t working nice)

OH and I almost saw Richard Gere the other day in Shibuya (The station/area with the Hachiko statue). Had I waited there for like 10 minutes I wouldve seen Richard Gere doing a publicity thing for Hachi. But I had tests so I had to leave :/ Darn



Picture of the Day

I think it’s a pretty good panorama considering I took it from my phone camera.  Click on it to see a better quality (it wont let me upload with max quality)

Big. Insects.

At the Gundam exhibit, there was a bug house.  (I want to say Hercules Beetle?)

I don’t particularily like bugs.

CA3C0121 CA3C0120

The sign applied to a big plastic beetle. 


This is how the conversation between me and the bug hut man went (in Japanese):

Man: Do you want to the hold the [large] bug [I was looking at]?

Me: No thank you

Man: There you go! (Puts bug on my hand)

Me: …er…

Man: This bug is very dangerous! (chuckles)


Oh and these bugs were walking around on the netted ceiling of the bug hut.  The hut intended to fit a Japanese person.  I was terrified one of them was going to fall down on myself.

Giant Gundam in Tokyo

Yesterday (Wait not the day before yesterday) I went to the giant Gundam they set up in Tokyo for the summer.  It was very large. And gundam-y. I guess.


CA3C0109 CA3C0119



The sun was right behind it so getting pictures of it was very difficult.  The line was long so we didn’t wait to go touch it’s foot. As exhilarating as that sounds.


There was a cool view of Tokyo nearby.

Harry Potter + Japan being 14 hours ahead of Minnesota = Awesome


While all you Americans were cramming yourself into a movie theater at midnight, I leisurely went and saw a matinee of Harry Potter in Kawasaki, and still managed to see it before any Americans would physically be able to even if they went at Midnight.  I love how Japan is 14 hours ahead of Minnesota.  My movie was at 1:50pm, which is 11:50pm the day before in Minnesota, which is still before midnight.  I also saw the 3D Imax version, which, essentially, was sort of a waste as they only applied the 3D thing to the first like 10 minutes of the movie.

Besides that, though, the movie was really good! You should go see it.

(Oh and I saw it in English.)

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