My life, stories and shenanigans from Japan


I’m just making a post regarding the fact I have not yet really made any post with any real content.  

That is mostly due to the fact I have not really had much happen yet ado with my experience in Japan.  No priorienteering (actually, we had a conferance call. But that is most definatly not worthy of it’s own post) or info yet on where I’ll be in Japan or who my family will be.  I havn’t gotten my laptop yet, so I can’t yet really make my introduction video (I am considering just making a poor quality camera-to-computer intro, though). I did, though, win a huge scholarship.  Though I feel like I should incorporate that into the big introduction post (Which’ll include the video). I feel like I’m really repeating myself, and thus I’m going to end this post.

Basically, the reason I made this post is because I really hope to make several blog posts a week when things get rolling and I just felt iffy having had no new real post in a while.


By the way, I have met some of the people going to Japan with me. They come from a good variety of places like Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany,  Norway and Australia. I have yet to meet any Americans going.


Comments on: "Waiting for Something to happen" (1)

  1. Yeah, didn’t really get much out of that post, unless expectations! Hehe, no worries, I’m really looking forward to reading your next post. And if you’ll be writing as much as you are hoping, I’m definitively going to follow your blog. Nothing is better than a active blog!

    I’m actually having the same problem with my blog; it’s not much too write as long as nothing happens. ‘:o

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