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So. I went and saw Harry Potter 6. Again. With friends. After school the other day and they had a trailer for the upcoming “Hachi” movie.  They were just so different it surprised me (especially the music). It really shows the difference in the cultures (that sounds lame, i know)

US: (Look below picture for Japan. The stupid blog uploader wasn’t working nice)

OH and I almost saw Richard Gere the other day in Shibuya (The station/area with the Hachiko statue). Had I waited there for like 10 minutes I wouldve seen Richard Gere doing a publicity thing for Hachi. But I had tests so I had to leave :/ Darn




Comments on: "Hachiko?" (2)

  1. Peter Thompson said:

    The Japanese trailer makes me want to go see it much more than the English one.

    I like that name too.

  2. Pretty crazy they are making this! I did a post about Hachiko on my blog (search for it if interested) and one of the comments informed me about this movie. On one hand, I’m excited to see this real heart-warming tale be spread to the world, on the other… there really isn’t that much to the story so I’m wondering how it can be stretched to a 2 hr movie.

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