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All the girls I know in Japan have this extremely annoying obsession with this male singer named “Matsujun”.  He’s like my Japanese Miley Cyrus. (Spell-check, by the way, thought the correct spelling for Miley Cyrus should be “Milky Cyrus”) I’ve just had enough of hearing about him and seeing his face everwhere.

Another reason it’s annoying is because I think, frankly, Matsujun sort of looks like big bird. An Asian big bird.

photo_matsujun_01 big-bird


Comments on: "Girls in Japan have lowered their standard to that of a different species" (10)

  1. Matsumoto Jun is part of Arashi which is basically one of the most popular bands in Japan at the moment. (Just in case you weren’t aware of it). Therefore, no wonder you see him everywhere. But I wouldn’t compare him to Miley, since he’s on a completely different level, playing a completely different game.

    And what’s wrong with looking like a bird..? :/

  2. Danielle said:

    Ngl, MatsuJun is probably one of my favourite actors. But I like him more or less for the fact that he always manages to be so failtastic offscreen than for his music or looks or whatever.

    • lol! what do you mean by ‘failtastic’? i’m curious

      • I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but when I watch him in variety shows, it always looks like he’s trying too hard. He’s not anywhere as bad as Sho though, which is why I like Sho better xD

  3. Matsu Jun IS hot…

    my hostsister is obsessed with him…xD

    I really liked him in Hana Yori dango :)

  4. Colin, he looks like a Jonas to me…

  5. Skye Macfarlane said:

    Ahhh Matsujun is HOT

    and no he does not look like Big Bird

    but i like Sho Sakurai better :D

    Arashi :)

  6. I can’t really stand his face. Because, well, I think his mouth is too low ON HIS NECK.

    It’s hanging somewhere down his chin. I think his whole face is shoven down a little, because he has a huge forhead at that.

    IDK MAN. I like Arashi, but I always fall for the odd/hilarious people like Ohno.

  7. aaninoue8 said: made me laugh hard..matsujun=big bird..hehe =))
    ~wish i could join their Boku no Miteiru Fuukei Tour Concert~ XD

  8. mj25patricia said:

    I like him very much demo…XDDD Seriously that was funny!! I didn’t expect that!! XDD….

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