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Britney Hamada

So, I was just walking around Shibuya, as I tend to do after school for a bit just because it’s fun, and then I noticed next to me that they were filming a TV variety show starring Hamada Britney, who’s famous for being highly-gal fashion, a comic author, a model, as well as a (rich) homeless girl who sleeps in Karaoke booths.

If you watch the special (It airs on Dec 24, actually), you may actually see me in the background.  Looking like one of those complete idiots who once he see’s a celebrity he begins to take pictures from his phone.


I tried waving at her at one point after the shooting.  She didn’t wave back. :(


So. I went and saw Harry Potter 6. Again. With friends. After school the other day and they had a trailer for the upcoming “Hachi” movie.  They were just so different it surprised me (especially the music). It really shows the difference in the cultures (that sounds lame, i know)

US: (Look below picture for Japan. The stupid blog uploader wasn’t working nice)

OH and I almost saw Richard Gere the other day in Shibuya (The station/area with the Hachiko statue). Had I waited there for like 10 minutes I wouldve seen Richard Gere doing a publicity thing for Hachi. But I had tests so I had to leave :/ Darn



Picture of the Day #1

I’m starting something I probably won’t follow through with though I’m going to try.

Basically, I’m hoping to post one picture a day from Japan.  Not necessarily from that exact day, as that would be difficult, though just a little something. It’s in addition to just normal posts.

(By the way, I hit day 100 today)

CA3C0017Shibuya -  Sat, 20th of June, 2009

Crazy Shibuya fashion girls. They were actually pretty happy to be in the picture, when I asked them if it was alright, which surprised me.

I hadn’t figured the flash out yet so it’s a bit fuzzy. Darn.

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