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Time for an update

Well, it’s been over a month since my last blog post.  I feel I’ve failed you all at posting regularly.  It’s just been so refreshing not having to post on my blog all the time.

I’m doing quite fine.  I recently had a lot of stress built up from school (long story short, Japan isn’t always open to things that are different, that including foreigners.  I wrote a huge blog post but removed it within about 10 minutes.) I’m better now, though, and have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends of recent which makes me happy.  I’m sad to have to leave them in 2 months.

Well, to make this blog post the least bit interesting, I’m going to share one more thing I’ve tended to over-blog about: Japanese cell phones.  But this is a bit different.   Japanese phones are all about expressing yourself, and Japanese female phones can get pretty crazy at times.   My host mom wanted to make her phone cuter, and thus bought all these small little fake gems and glue and stuff.   I took on the task of painstakingly gluing all the tiny little gems onto her phone, as a sort of gift because she said she didn’t like doing those sort of things.

Phone before:




As goes without mentioning, I’m thankful it’s not my phone. 

It took me a freakin 2 and a half hours to place all the gems.


Comments on: "Time for an update" (3)

  1. Thats a lot of bling for one cell phone to have. Any plans to weigh it down with massive amounts of straps?

  2. JuneSummer said:

    x). it may have taken you 2 and a half hours but you did a really good job! ^.^

  3. Colin, Colin, Colin. You are so nice to your Japanese mom! She will really miss you when you are gone. So. Did you paint the phone pink too, or get a new cover? Cuz the “after” phone is pink on the other side. I still have the bling I bought in Japan. I never got around to decorating my phone. But heck: now that I see how good YOU are at doing it…..I may wait until after January 10th to do it…..know what I’m sayin’??? (HA)

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