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New Favorite Commercial

That’s the thing about summer break.  I havent done anything significant and thus have nothing to blog about…

This is the new Softbank Commerical. Featuring Brad Pitt. Enjoy.


Comments on: "New Favorite Commercial" (3)

  1. Colin, we saw that commercial when we were in Japan. I loved it! Especially when he carries that sumo guy…I know he is a famous wrestler there. Anyhow, keep posting stuff. There’s a ton of interesting things outside your door every day that we would love to see/hear about. We still laugh about all our crazy experiences. Maybe you are just getting too used to the different culture now? So you don’t think we would find it interesting? Anyhow, rock on A.W. Son.

  2. Skye Macfarlane said:

    That Ad is simply legendary.
    Every time I watch it, I laugh :)

  3. lol i never realized it was brad pitt XD i suck.

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