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Picture of the Day

I removed the number from the title. Made it less stressful. Because, as I predicted, I was not able to keep it daily.


This is my Japanese cell phone.  On which I am watching Harry Potter 3.  As the TV tuner is built in and not run from the cell phone service, it’s completely free. and Harry Potter was on TV today. The thing on the left is the antenna. The music note is the subtitle function that I have on my phone.  Other functions of the TV tuner include that If I wanted to, I could watching two different television channels at once on the same screen.  Also, if I were to hold my phone normally and not in screen-view mode, that information would be streamed under the television.  For example, if I were watching the news weather would be streamed underneath or if there’s a commercial it might stream a link right underneath and thus I could go right to the website, with the television still streaming on the upper half of the screen. I can also hit a button and take picture or videos of what I’m watching, or even set up a schedule and my phone automatically records what I want to watch. like TiVo. It’s absolutely amazing.

This is what my phone looks like normally, by the way


Well, I’ve had a busy, busy week and I apologize for not having made a blog post earlier.  And thus, here’s a cumulative  blog post of my events in the past week or so.

Monday: Had hockey pratice. Blah blah blah…


Me and Kit, the Scottish kid, went to Ginza.  DVC00036

I think it’s very bad entrance placement into the bouncy pit.


They were filming the news nearby. Me and Kit couldn’t figure out if there was a relationship between the children and the Illuminati statue in the background (Japanese youth Illuminati?). Turns out the background was for the Tokyo premier of Angels & Demons (which i want to see). and it was just the children’s birthday. Though all you had to do to get in was have your name on a sign along with your age (and it’s, off course, your birthday) and if you were a child you were on the news (parents were there, too). I was considering writing Taro, age 7 on a piece of paper and trying to see if they would allow me to get in. I decided against it.

DVC00046 The Mascot


What you see in the front is Kit’s cellphone on TV mode (out of focus) and the background is the actual thing being filmed.  We figured out that there was a place you could stand and still be outside of the barrier and still be on the news (if you look on the right side, there’s a gap). And thus, we were potentially on Japanese television. Though we have no actual evidence considering that were looking at the camera while standing there and not at the cellphone to see if we were actually on TV.

Wednesday: Went on a walk at a temple. There was no school, as it was a holiday. Yeah.

Thursday: Swine flu panic strikes Japan.

Friday: I did something significant. I just can’t remember what.

Yesterday: My host mom surprised me with tickets she found online for Otsuka Ai’s Love Letter concert for only 3000yen for two tickets (about 30$ for two tickets), so, yesterday we went.  I really like Ai, so I was very happy.  While Love Letter isn’t one of my favorite albums by her, it was still a good concert and it was nice seeing her live. And, amazingly, about 75-80% of the audience was male.


I couldn’t take a picture during the concert, so this is a picture of her from the posters they were selling. For a whopping 4900 yen (49$), which is almost twice as much as the tickets. And the poster is only worth about 1000 (10$).  I did buy a high-quality book/program from the concert, though, for 3000$. I mean yen.

Today: I went to the beach/Kamakura (Near Tokyo).  I was told we were going on a picnic so I wore jeans and a nice shirt, but as soon as we got there, there was sand and the beach and I rolled up my pant legs and ran into the ocean, only to later be struck by a large wave, wetting the rolled up pant legs and thus leaving me with pants that were ~70% wet. And then some of my young host cousins (I think?) were there and they were playing in the sand so I helped bury them and they laughed as I went out in the water with my jeans (heck, they were already wet. And now they were sandy).

It was a lot of fun (I’m really blandly descriptive today).



Oh look. My back.

After the beach we went to Kamakura.

STA_2663 Stitch

It’s not a cropped photo, it’s a PANORAMA. It’s my first panorama, and I’m somewhat proud. My camera was running out of battery so I wasn’t able to make more panoramas after this one. Click on the photo for full Panoramic goodness. EDIT: Wah the full panoramic goodness isn’t working. EDIT2: Now it is.





There was a wedding ceremony going on. There was a pretty big crowd. I took my first picture, was proud of it, realized the husband was a white guy, deleted it, cried a bit, and then proceded to take pictures with the husband angled-out.  If you know me, you’ll know I have a very hypocritical disliking (well, hatred) of other white people when I am in Japan.





Sort of fuzzy. While I was taking it a *cough cough* white tourist bumped me..



As always, I have high-quality, non-watermarked versions of every picture available if you would like one for a wallpaper or something. Just ask (e-mail is in the contact section). Not that I’m saying my pictures are necessarily that good, it’s just people have asked in the past. 

Favorite Commercial

Yeah I’ve been meaning to make a post (with pics) of my trip to Tokyo tower yesterday but I haven’t had the time and I’ll do it tomorrow when I do have the time.

In the mean time, and for this post to not be garbage, there’s been a commercial that’s been playing on TV frequently of late for Shiseido’s 新 HAKU that has to be one of my favorites.  Actually, my favorite favorite is this one for a type of cheese where theres a dancing puppet but I can’t find it online.

I mean, our makeup commercials are sort of stupid but this one works nicely, i think. And yes, it’s a makeup commercial.  I could care less about the makeup, I just like the ad.


Well, today, in addition to walking around and exploring Kawasaki, I watched some Sumo wrestling on TV.  If you don’t know what Sumo wrestling is, it’s the one where two large loin-cloth wearing men attempt to push the other man out of the ring.  I must say, it is quite…interesting.  The two attempt furiously to grab at each other’s belts/underwear/thing and pull the other one out of the ring, and I must say the fact they are only wearing a cloth garment thing is discerning. These large, large men are being held up by just cloth, and I sat there worrying that it would rip under the weight and large Asian man nudity was about to blare onto the HD widescreen Hitachi television. Also, I began to wonder how the concept of Sumo started.  I mean, I’m sure there is some spiritual connection, but the concept of two large nakedish men wrestling just doesn’t seem very fitting in Japan, where everyone is skinny. And it’s pretty huge here, too (no pun intended), like football in the US (though I’d say the more equal equivalent to it in Japan would be baseball), and I’m curious whether people are wearing underwear under their clothes with their favorite Sumo wrestler’s name on it like what people do for their favorite football player in the US (Football JERSEY, that is, and not underwear). Yeah. This is just a random blog post.

And I am, of course, not serious with my above musings.

By the way, there is also a Sumo club at my school (I think).  I’m thinking that, with my weight and all, it might just be the right club for me.

                                            Image from Wikipedia

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