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Tokyo Tower & Performing Monkey

The day before yesterday, me and my host mother went to Tokyo Tower.  There was a performing monkey out front, and thus, by the end of the trip I had more pictures of the monkey then I did the tower. 



He’s smiling.

Or in extreme anger.

Though i like to think he’s smiling.


My camera kept focusing on the children.  According to my camera, the monkey doesn’t have a face.

DSCF3470 He was striking a pose.

I could post all of the pictures I took of the monkey, but I really don’t want to.



What I really wanted after panting up a million steps was a nice smoke. Darn.

That was sarcasm, by the way…



I also have another ten or so pictures just like this of other views of Tokyo.  Though they all look pretty similar to this one.


There was a playland at one level of the tower where two year olds could ride in giant fighting robots.


The anatomy of a Pikachu. I’m surprised the word “Pikachu” is in my spell check dictionary. 


We went to a “Guiness World Records” museum in the bottom floor of the tower, as well as a Wax museum (everyone looked terrible- Anne Frank and Ghandi looked like Zombies), and by the time we got outside it was the evening.


People being pushed into a train by a white gloved man. 


By the way, tomorrow is the big festival that many of you found humorous in one of my first blog posts.  I know many of you have been longing to see pictures and things from the event, and I’ll take pictures.  Though the surprising thing was that my family had never heard of the festival, and it was weird not only describing what the event was, but also telling them why it was I knew about it when they didn’t.  (I’ll tell you now that all of the pictures of “Kawasaki, Japan” on Google are of the festival, which is why I knew)

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