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Well, today, in addition to walking around and exploring Kawasaki, I watched some Sumo wrestling on TV.  If you don’t know what Sumo wrestling is, it’s the one where two large loin-cloth wearing men attempt to push the other man out of the ring.  I must say, it is quite…interesting.  The two attempt furiously to grab at each other’s belts/underwear/thing and pull the other one out of the ring, and I must say the fact they are only wearing a cloth garment thing is discerning. These large, large men are being held up by just cloth, and I sat there worrying that it would rip under the weight and large Asian man nudity was about to blare onto the HD widescreen Hitachi television. Also, I began to wonder how the concept of Sumo started.  I mean, I’m sure there is some spiritual connection, but the concept of two large nakedish men wrestling just doesn’t seem very fitting in Japan, where everyone is skinny. And it’s pretty huge here, too (no pun intended), like football in the US (though I’d say the more equal equivalent to it in Japan would be baseball), and I’m curious whether people are wearing underwear under their clothes with their favorite Sumo wrestler’s name on it like what people do for their favorite football player in the US (Football JERSEY, that is, and not underwear). Yeah. This is just a random blog post.

And I am, of course, not serious with my above musings.

By the way, there is also a Sumo club at my school (I think).  I’m thinking that, with my weight and all, it might just be the right club for me.

                                            Image from Wikipedia

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