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Today, I Almost About Choked on a Sandwich

Every Thursday, I have lunch during a free period with the exchange student organizer at my school. 

Today, we began a conversation on a farewell speech I’ll have to give in December. (Sad)

He then went on to say that because my Japanese has improved so immensely, that I should give it to the entire school during our semester closing ceremony.

I was surprised by this, considering other exchange students have has a tendency of just doing it to their classes, but it didn’t compare to what happened next.

Assuming the speech would have to be short, like my 2 minute introduction speech at the beginning of the year, I asked how long of a speech would be good.

"Hmm.  Anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes would be good.”


I can speak Japanese alrighty, but I sure as heck cannot give an interesting speech, in Japanese, for 20 to 30 minutes.



After a small discussion, though, the time got pushed down to tidy 5 minutes. 


Word Game

Today, because it was raining, Field Hockey practice was cancelled and, thus, me and some friends stayed at school and played some games and ate random junk food.

The first game we played was a board game that was a dodgy complete rip-off of LIFE, though it was still fun.

The second game was a word game where you would start with “Apple” in Japanese and then the last letter would be the first letter of a different word that the next person would have to think up and you would have to draw a picture of it on the whiteboard.  The first rounds were in Japanese, and the latter rounds were in English.

DVC00045 DVC00046

Crazy squirrel drawn by someone who’s name escapes me.  He hadn’t yet written “Risu” under it.  Sad/Angry couple kiss by George.

DVC00047 DVC00048

I’m really proud of my Yak. Just not my spelling of it.


Dramatic food eating.


I’ll have pictures that are more relevant to anything in my next post, as well as actual pictures of actual things that aren’t scenery/yachts.

Self Introductions

(Sorry about a lack of posts- been busy)

Well, today, I had an English reading class.  I know. Pretty tricky stuff.

Because it was the first day, everyone paired up, and then shared their partner’s name and a fact about them, and the class would engage in a sort of golf clap and move on to the next pair.

Well, we went around the class, and everyone presented their partner. They would say  things like “This is Yuki. He likes Basketball” or something simple like that. In English, of course.

And then it came to the group before me.

“This is Takashi. He’s great at sex”

Everyone stared for a second at the pair, then another second at each other, and then clapped and then we moved on.

I followed up with an exciting “This is Kaishi. He likes noodles”.


note: changed people’s names

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