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Amazingly Amazing Japanese Computer Cell phone Thing

Today, I found out my host family’s computer can do really nifty things.  For example, it can do the following: You can scan your cell phone directly onto your computer and buy things with it.


Here’s a cellphone. And the computer. In case you didn’t get that from the captions that are directly on the picture.


  The computer goes “BEEP”.

I sound like I’m reading a book for children. “The duck goes Quack!  The cow goes Mooooo!…

And yup. There you go. It’s like swiping a credit card through that little credit card slide-y thingy.  I’ve been working on my descriptive words. 

Blog Related Note: I looked in my spam comment section today only to realize that the filter has been taking in a lot of comments that it shouldn’t have been. If you’ve commented on a past blog post only for no comment to appear, I’m sorry, and the comments have now been accepted.  Unless your the dude who wrote all sorts of hateful stuff in his post replies.  If you’re that dude, expect your comments to continue to go right to the spam queue. Because they just weren’t very nice

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