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Well, I had my first day (not really) of school. I took the train there (wow it’s a long train ride).  It’s a really nice campus.  Very traditional, which I like.  The people who worked there were very nice, and the English teacher gave me a tour.  One of my homeroom teachers is an American. Yeah.  That’s all I can think of to say. I didn’t take any pictures, unfortunately.  After the tour, we had lunch at a small French cafe, and then after I went and got fitted for a uniform (by the way, if you wear the optional uniform you are required to wear the pants up at your stomach.  Slightly uncomfortable.  I’m still buying one, though) After being fitted, we went and looked a little bit around Shinjuku (where the uniform shop was), which made me happy because it was really cool. And then we were shoved onto a train (so crowded) and came home and…yeah.  That’s about it.


So busy! But i like it.


It’s supposedly Obama.  I think it looks like he’s going “YAAAAAAY

That’s all I can think of to say.  All of these Tokyo locations are like half an hour train ride from my house.


Oh and I’ve begun to get into Photoshop.  it’s fun, can be quick, and makes some pictures look really nice. I’ve been doing small touchups to some pictures.


I think this one turned out nicely. It’s from the orientation.  Click on it to see the original.

That’s right. I stuck a watermarks in the corner of the pics. Cause I’m just that special. But really, if you want HQ versions of any pic just ask.

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