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Man in the Mirror – Tokyo Vigil

Hey! no! Before you leave thinking this is another thing on Michael Jackson’s death, there’s relevancy to Japan!

First off, though, I must say I’ll miss MJ.  There was a tribute to him on TV last night and then they played the full “Thriller” music video, which has memory attachments to it as I had to learn the dance and perform it at one point in my life by watching the MV over and over, and thus I realized that I actually really do like MJ.

Well, today, I was in Yoyogi Park, in Harajuku, and there was a vigil going on in his memory. I got the following very, very bad picture: (so fuzzy. A friend is going to email me pics she took that weren’t so fuzzy)


I must say, I felt very, very, VERY bad. On two levels.

First off, he’s dead. I hope anyone who didn’t know that before reading this post has caught onto that by this point.

Secondly, I acted really, really badly at the vigil.

Everyone was joining together and singing songs by MJ (we were only there for “Man in the Mirror”), and I was trying to act serious, but nobody could speak English. They were all humming the song/making noises to the tune of the song, the only words they knew how to say being “I’m looking at the man in the mirror”, and the two Americans I was with and I could not stop from laughing very. very. hard. Though I sort of am very tall, and thus couldn’t hide it, and thus disguised it by covering my mouth and making my eyes look like I was crying and making it look like I was sobbing very hard into my hand. 

Eventually, people noticed the overly emotional student and people began to take pictures of me, including the newsgroup “Reuters”, who was there.

And then I looked to my right and an emotional Japanese woman looked at me and shook her head with a “everything’s going to be alright” look and I began a new spur of feigned crying.

I got a video of the vigil. Can’t hear much. Sorry. (It’s “Man in the Mirror”)

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