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My schoolbag can’t gracefully be held

I bought a schoolbag.  Because everyone at school had one and I stuck out with my backpack.  And everything fits nicely in the bag. The bag looks like this:


(And yes. That’s a duck.  Everyone has keychains on their bags, even the guys. I like my duck. So shut up.)

The only real problem about it is that there is no possible way to gracefully carry it home each day.

There are two ways you can carry it.  One, you carry it at your side.  Though this gets very tiring. And when it rains you feel like Mary Poppins when you walk around with your bag at your side. Two, you put the strap on your shoulder.  The problem with this is that it makes it feel like a purse.  One of those arm-y purses that force you to keep your arms in effeminate positions when you wish to use the arm carrying the purse/bad/murse to, for example, answer the phone, because your other arm is doing something like holding a refreshing cool beverage or holding onto the strap things for standing people on the train.

gucci handbags Mary-Poppins-mv03

I can’t say that either are looks I’m really striving for.

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