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I’m writing this blog post on a plane

I’m on a plane and I still have something like 3 hours to go until we’re in Tokyo and I have nothing to do and there’s no good movies and I’ve watched the movie “Madagascar 2” like three times because it’s the best movie available and I want to watch Quantum of Solace but the movie program they have on this plane is such that you aren’t able to control when the movie starts, but you can switch between movies, so I’m never able to watch it because I can’t figure out when it starts and the man in front of me has his seat reclined all the way and he’s sleeping so I can’t say anything but I’m crunched into a small, tiny space and I can’t find a comfortable sleeping position and thus here I am, writing this blog post.

I would do a vlog on the plane, but I think the man sitting next to me would think that’s a bit…peculiar.

This is the face of a man who’s leg’s are unhappily smushed behind the seat of a man who is comfortably sleeping at the expense of my leg room. 


I think people over 6ft should get complimentary upgrades to business/first class.  Parts of me want to accidently kick the seat in front of me, waking the man up and thus having a wonderful opportunity to ask him to put his seat up.

Note: I wrote this post on the 16th, on the plane, and am posting it on the 21st.  Though I set the “posted” date on the 16th.

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