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Self Introductions

(Sorry about a lack of posts- been busy)

Well, today, I had an English reading class.  I know. Pretty tricky stuff.

Because it was the first day, everyone paired up, and then shared their partner’s name and a fact about them, and the class would engage in a sort of golf clap and move on to the next pair.

Well, we went around the class, and everyone presented their partner. They would say  things like “This is Yuki. He likes Basketball” or something simple like that. In English, of course.

And then it came to the group before me.

“This is Takashi. He’s great at sex”

Everyone stared for a second at the pair, then another second at each other, and then clapped and then we moved on.

I followed up with an exciting “This is Kaishi. He likes noodles”.


note: changed people’s names


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