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Well, today was not only my last school day, but also my big friend-going-away-party. It was a lot of fun. Yeah. I know. What original word choice.  I got a whole bunch of cards (Around 50 cards, actually) and I’d say about 40-50 people showed up at the party.  I also got a plate of cookies, some biscuit cookies, some chocolates and a bag full of brownies, which I shared with my World History Class. 



That’s not all the people who came, it’s just the people I got group photos with.

I was so tired


Oh yes and I told Kayla I would give her a shoutout in my blog. Hi Kayla.

By the way, I learned this morning that the tags on my blog posts organize themselves alphabetically.  Before today, I was putting nifty little messages in the tags, and I realize now that the tags don’t make any sense and have really basic tags (i.e: The, a, I, etc.)
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