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Update before I go to Korea

Well, I’m leaving for Korea for a few days tomorrow.  I just thought I’d do a brief update on what I’ve been up to.

I had my sports festival the other day.  I participated in dodge ball.  Japanese rules are different from(or maybe they’re the same as?) the United States, and thus I found myself just getting hit by the ball (not plural) a bunch because nobody explained it.  Was still fun. I went to Shinjuku afterwards, and took some pictures. Because i could. And because it was free.


Stupid cell phone camera focused on the tail of the dragonfly.

CA3C0278 CA3C0284

Egg building and using the free content they provide people wirelessly to use on their Nintendo DS.


Inside of some building.

I went to a friend’s brother’s school festival the other day.  It was pretty fun, I guess.  A lot of people came, though what was fun was just hanging out with my friends.

Yesterday, I went to the Onsen (hot spring) resort thingy near my house.  For some reason, I feel like explaining the process of the hot spring resort because it’s all pretty high tech and cool.

So, you enter, and take off your shoes in the entrance hall.   You put them in these small locker things, which you can lock.  Then, you proceed to the entrance, where a smiling lady hands you a waterproof bracelet with a barcode on it.  You then proceed to another counter, where a man scans your barcode and hands you a small satchel with these loose garments and an assortment of towels.

You then proceed to a changing room, where you take your clothes off and put them in a locker.

You then, you know, go to the bath. 

Mid-way through the bath, if you like, you can take a break and wear the loose garments and go to the lounge.  In the lounge, there are many chairs, which are nice recliners with swivel-out flat screen TVs with special audio so only your seat can hear.  Which are free to use.  I usually sit there with one of the blankets that are free and watch TV for an hour or so between baths and e-mail friends on my phone.

Then you return to the bathes (or not. if you prefer).

There are also a variety of restaurants, vending machines, and special bathes, which cost extra, all of which can be attended in the garment things and the bill is put on your barcode bracelet.

When you’re all done, you change into your clothes, return the satchel, and go to the counter, where they scan your bracelet and you pay the amount that’s collected.

It usually costs about 12-13 USD (1200 yen), depending on whether i buy anything.  Though you can go for as long as you like (I usually go anywhere from 2-4 hours), so it’s well worth it.

And that’s about it.

It looks something like this:


That’s part of the changing room as well as partial view of the bathes.  I burgled it from Google. 


And yeah. That’s a bout it.  Going to Seoul tomorrow for three days, will perhaps update when I get back.


Comments on: "Update before I go to Korea" (3)

  1. That’s gorgeous! I hope I’ll be able to visit korea soon, I’ve heard so many great things about it…Thanks for sharing your experience keep it up :)

  2. Japan has always attracted me. There is something too attractive about Japan (except the gorgeous Japanese girls) If the food was good, I’d move to Japan and live there.

  3. i admire the place..
    you really allot time for it..
    maximizing your last minute in the place..
    great idea..

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