My life, stories and shenanigans from Japan

Alrighty.  It’s not that I’ve gotten lazy or anything, it’s just that nothing relevant has happened until yesterday and since then I have been very busy.  Hang with me. Some sort of post will come tomorrow or the next day.  For now, I’ll leave you one of those witty quotes I used at Disneyland to share my great knowledge of the United States to a curious comrade.

Comrade:  (looking at sign) Mark Twain? Who is that?

Me: Probably one of the most famous American authors.

Comrade:  I see.  What book did he write?

Me:  Oh. Um. The Adventures of Tom Brady?!?



Which is sad, considering I’ve read the book. And, thankfully, when I did (some time later) correct myself, the friend had heard of neither Tom Brady nor Tom Sawyer.

tom-brady-hats-off tom-sawyer


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