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Every year Pepsi Japan comes out with an exotic flavor and this year it’s Pepsi Shiso (No, I don’t know what it is. Yes, i should) and it basically tasted just like Pepsi. Though it was green and had this aftertaste like it had been soaked in leaves before having been bottled. Yes, i know what leaves taste like. No, it wasn’t that bad a taste. Though it wasn’t really that good, either.



Comments on: "Pepsi Shiso Verdict: it tastes like Pepsi. Only leafier." (3)

  1. Virginia said:

    I’m pretty sure shiso is an herb that is kind of like mint. Regardless, it sounds strange. Then again the US Pepsi doesn’t make the most appealing flavors either…

  2. Janet Ha said:

    Shiso is that leaf that sometimes comes with sushi. It turns purple when it’s dried so you sometimes see it as purple powder/furikake. It also gets combined with plum a lot (Umeshiso). I want some of this Pepsi.

  3. I really like Pepsi Shiso. I wish we had it in the States. Colin please bring some home with you.

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