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Oh my (Part 2)

So, I had the same English class again (yesterday) and once again there was a contemplative question to write a small essay paper thing on.  The question for yesterday was the following:

What’s the edgiest situation you’ve ever been in?

We’ve been studying “cool culture” and “counter culture” and so on (hence last weeks question) and thus we read a paper on how trendy spots develop in areas where there is generally more violence and drugs and counter culture.

I’m thinking the question got lost in translation, but this was the answers I got as I got the paper’s from my…students. I shall call them that because I am (sort of) the teaching assistant:

  • “One time, as a child, I got lost in the supermarket.  I was really worried, though my mom found me after about 10 minutes and everything was alright”
  • “Two years ago, I was studying really hard to try and get into a good high school.  I didn’t make it into the school I wanted to get into, so I was sad.  Though I did get into this high school so I am happy”

And so on and so on.

And if the question wasn’t lost in translation, Japan really is just as safe as seems.


Comments on: "Oh my (Part 2)" (2)

  1. Oh wow.
    You sure you’re not in Candyland?

  2. Awww….the answers are so cute, considering the fact that highschool boys wrote them! XDDDD

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