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So. I went to Karaoke for my…third? time tonight.  Just went for an hour or so with my host mom and a friend.  As much as I hate singing, I must say I like Karaoke.  I sang, I would say, about 4 or 5 songs.  Just thought I’d share.  I tried to do mostly Japanese songs, as I’m, well, in Japan. Don’t take any of my song choices seriously, as I was just having fun.

First song – Snow White – Hi Ho: I hit the first song I could on the little remote control thing.

The background movie to the Karaoke, though, was just a really happy cymbal monkey thing that kept hitting his cymbals and thus I could barely finish the song because I found it so weirdly hilarious.

Second Song – Hitomi – Japanese Girl : After my host mom sang a different song by Hitomi, I decided to also sing a song by Hitomi.  This was the only other song I knew about, so I sang it.  It’s hard reading the subtitles in Japanese and singing at the same time.  My low, man voice combined with the synthesized background music combined to pretty make the most amazing cover of the song the world has ever seen.

Click to hear original song

Third Song – Ivy – Sonata of Temptation : Considering I can’t speak Korean, this was probably the worst song to try. I basically hummed the whole song except the few words in English. So basically it went “Lalala…dada..TAKE OFF……naa..SOMEBODY DO IT…lalala…” Again. My deep voice and synthesized music did not do it any justice.

Click to hear the original song

Fourth – Tata Young – Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy (Sorry)

After singing, we decided the song pretty much is that song that everyone has out there that should be the theme song to their life.

After that, I grew tired of foreign music and switched to songs like MJ’s “Thriller” as well as a few Beatles songs and a wee bit of “Journey” (Don’t stop believing wasn’t working )


Comments on: "Karaoke" (2)

  1. Sandra Anderson said:

    Sorry I missed you singing the Sexy Naughty Bitchy me song!

  2. My dad was recently in Thailand and he saw an asian band in a bar playing a cover of Disturbia. Just thought that you’d like to know.

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