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Blonde & Spikey

There’s this one guy in my class in school with spikey blond hair (my school is very lenient on dress code, though a good school), and he looks sort of like this, though, you know, man style (with shorter hair), and completly bleached blonde (It’s called “Gal Fashion” in Japan):

I couldn’t find the man version on the internet. I was going to use his MIXI pic (Japanese facebook) but that would’ve been an invasion of his privacy. 

Well, up until now I’ve been mentally nicknaming him as “Goku” due to his spikey blonde hair.  Though it’s more sort of flowy on the sides with a little bit of spike on top.

Though it hit me today that he looks exactly (EXACTLY) like “Sally” from Peanuts.

That is all. That is all.


Comments on: "Blonde & Spikey" (3)

  1. haha! thats great

  2. I though gal style is that they make their face a bit brown too. or else dying your hair yellow is normal? correct me if i am wrong. I seen gal boys and girls yeah.. its like seeing something brown with yellow hair.

  3. Colin m’dear, it is called Lion-hair! :D
    I usually comes along with Onii-kei, which is the highest fashion for jap guys ^^ look in mags like “Men’s EGG”.
    It might also mean that he shops in SHIBUYA 109 MEN’S or otherwise just dresses in randomly stylish clothes ^___^

    IS HE
    it would be Gyaru-O (the names! they are so FANTASTIC *cough*) which is the most common male-gal, but that usually includes indecent amount of tanning, indecently bright clothes and sometimes, indecent make-up if u get my point XP


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