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Japanese Pet Shop

I went to a pet shop today with Kit to look at animals. He was also buying some little turtles to bring back to Scotland.

I took a lot of pictures because they have such different animals than we do in the states.


There’s a monkey. A freaking monkey. Though i figured if I were to buy a monkey and bring it back to my host family they might be…surprised.  I have no clue who’s leg it is.


An Owl


A dog that was originally really cute but my cell phone camera didn’t do kind things to it.


There was a chipmunk. He was really cute at the shop, and I’m not sure why he looks like he’s been electrocuted in the picture.


A…stingray? I want to say Manta Ray but I know those are huge.


The bunny is bigger than my cat. That’s Kit, by the way.


A duck.


Mammoth-bunny. eating.


A tree frog.


A parrot. I think this picture turned out the best of all of my pictures.




Hamster cages. I’m not sure why I needed a picture.


One of the saddest dogs I’ve ever seen. Ever.

In the end, with my host mother’s permission, I bought two turtles, which I have yet to name.  They are called red-eared slider turtles, or Midori-Kame in Japanese (Green turtle). They are both really tiny.

Not my picture.
Though it was what they look like. Sort of.


Comments on: "Japanese Pet Shop" (8)

  1. amydien said:

    Your monkey pic reminded me of a gremlin XDDD
    Awww..the cute little turtle!!

    • Carolyn said:

      The Duck is really cute
      but I agree that the parrot pic is awesome.
      I wish I had turtles.
      I MISS YOU!

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