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I made a twitter

I made a twitter, since I recently figured out what it’s actual purpose is.

I take comfort in knowing that with short, witty comments I can keep complete strangers comfortably up to date with all things Colin. So, basically, it’s like a blog. But not really.

Yeah. I know. Pretty creative twitter name.  It’s like a combination of Colin, Koala, and Korin, my Japanese name. Yeah. I thought i was really creative.  And no, I’m not sure why Koala’s have anything to do with me.


By the way, I really hate the word Twitter.  The word just sort of awkwardly sits there and you want it to go away but it won’t. So basically, the word sort of describes me as a person.


Comments on: "I made a twitter" (1)

  1. Thomas Skoog said:

    I too deslike the name “twitter”, but then again I dislike twitter in general… I feel as if it is going to replace facebook… Also all your blog rants are beginning to remind me of “you know what really grinds my gears”. P.S. Check your facebook more often poop-head!

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