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Well, school has started, and I haven’t really had all too much of a post on it, and thus, here it is. My introductory post to my school.

I go to a school, which I won’t name for privacy reasons, which is located in Tokyo.  It’s one of the few schools with uniforms that aren’t mandatory,  and it’s also infamous for being somewhat…laid back.  That is, you could walk through a busy hallway in your underwear and no teacher would say a thing about it.  Not that this is necessarily a helpful privilege to have, but still.

I’m in one of the classes that is renown for being one of the most laid back, and the kids seem to pride themselves on it.  Though it makes for them all being really nice, as well as makes the classes quite interesting when, in the middle of a class, for example, two kids will begin to have a screaming contest.  Yeah. That happened today. I think.

The kids are basically divided into three different categories: those who are studying literature, those who are studying science/mathematics, and those who are studying foreign languages.  I’m in the latter, and thus about 2/3 of my classes are related to either English, French, or Japanese.

I also have classes like Calligraphy, which is painfully slow and difficult when written Japanese is not one’s forte, and PE, which is interesting considering it is really quite easy.

After school on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and sometimes Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I have field hockey practice. Mind you, I don’t have to attend every practice, and it’s only Sundays when there are games. I find it peculiar that some of the kids don’t remove their dangly earrings when they play. 

And, of course, when things go well for the players during practice they like to remove their shirts and shorts and run around on the field.  They keep their boxers and shoes and socks/shin guards on, Which makes their legs look thick, which gives them a sort of Astro Boy look as they run.  I don’t think I’ll be running around with them anytime soon.

That’s about all I can think of really to say without being repetitious.

Here are some photos.  Very, very bad ones.  It just wasn’t my day.


Crisp, you’re-practically-there, action shots: Just one of the many things we here are pride ourselves on.




Comments on: "An Introduction to my School" (3)

  1. Pretty cool school you’ve got there!! :D Nice and laid back sounds like it’s lazy-friendly.

    And that little…bit about the hockey team makes me laugh! XD That’s just…WOW. Very interesting~

  2. Colin,
    Looks like you are having an amazing time~~ that is awesome!!
    Learn a ton and make good choices!!!
    I do enjoy checking your blog from time to time and hope my daugter, though not tech savvy will be able to do this next year when she is in Ireland!


  3. hahaha crisp and clear as my memory of breakfast today

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