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So…yeah. School started. Yesterday. Kind of.

After giving a introductory speech in front of all 1800 students, I had a shorter one in my classroom. 

“I don’t quite know what to present about myself, as I’ve already introduced myself in front of the entire school. Does anyone have any questions about me?”

After about 10 seconds of silence, one kid raised his hand.

“When’s your birthday?”


No, but really, the kids are really nice and I think I’m going to have an amazing year. I don’t have anything nifty like a picture or anything.


Comments on: "School" (5)

  1. haha “whats your birthday?” thats so cool

  2. How’re you doing with the language?

  3. :D Oh, that sounds like it went well! That’s good to hear~

  4. Hey Colin,How are you doing there in japan?
    We haven’t talked now for long-time so How is going things there^^?
    And please could you put some pictures of the tokyo and your school because i wanna know how is japanese school^^

    Merci d’avance^^

  5. Heyy.. You got any tips about the speech? What did you say? I want to sY something that will make more people like me :) hmm.. I sound immature.. PleAse respond ;)

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