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Engrish I

Here’s a collection of items I’ve found at several stores, mostly 100yen stores, that have English that…doesn’t make any sense.


“The Relax Room. A colorful waffle design enables the coordination of I liking”

Shhh, David. I took the picture first…


“With a smooty skin. Keep moisturizing skin in silk!”


“Let’s always take the drink.”



…only 100yen!


“Whenever I hold onto all the words I want to utter, I hear them bursting into seeds.”


“Inside the forest the fawn was practicing trumpeting. The small bird comes there and it sings in a lovely voice. Happy music sounds and it extends.”


“Lovely cup is always together”


“I’m hungry!! Give me foods!!”


Err…don’t you mean four leaf clover?


“Carrot is not dropped. Eat the grape alone?”


“Zweisamkeit. Becouse there wass a longing by common sense”


“If you leave it unattended in a place (the inside of car) becoming a high tempurature and might transform it when it can get closer to fire.”


Comments on: "Engrish I" (11)

  1. cmahlum said:

    this was pretty hilarious
    hope you are having a great time!

  2. It’s so funny how most of that doesn’t make sense. XD People probably don’t realize that either…


  3. haha some of them are ok!!! But some of them are completely senseless and I can’t even understand it.

  4. Shizuka-San said:

    That would have been soo funny to see…

    I would have died of laughter by the first five minutes… But then again… I find many strange things so funny…

  5. angiechees said:

    Especially the writings on t-shirts!!!! It’s just omg!

  6. I like that much yes for shoe.

  7. double comment , my bad.

  8. Hahaha, very funny. I have a friend who is studying in China and he is also having lots of funny examples like you do too. When will you start blogging again?

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