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Discretion advised.

NOTE: I’ve been trying to set it to only display a summary of this post on the homepage, but so far I’ve had no luck and for that I’m sorry. 

Well, today, I attended a festival in Kawasaki that revolves around, well, Penises. Say it once if you want to just get it over with: Penis.

It was very…interesting? I mean, the festival felt sort of just festival-ish, but what made it interesting were the people that were there.  About half the people were foreigners, which I would complain about if I weren’t also a foreigner. There were also many other people, though, doing wacky things, which made it interesting.

I’ll get onto the pictures now.

For all of the pictures there are so many captions I could put for them. Because of that, I’ll just post basic ones and leave the rest to your imagination.



Souvenir shop. I didn’t buy anything.


A statue. This picture reminds me of when a reporter is trying to have a serious interview on TV when suddenly a streaker runs in the background of the footage.



The man in the back with the white camera looks like he’s taking a picture of me.



Knick-knack shop.


You could buy candy ones.

“I’ll take four penises please”…


Wow. That’s expensive (600 yen)


That’s a man.

The following pictures are a set of pictures taken of people riding the giant wooden penises.  Everyone was taking pictures, mind you, and they wanted their picture taken.  I’m not a creep.



My. He sure seems to be enjoying himself.









He kept falling off.




I was going to get a picture with these fine ladies but there wasn’t a nearby English speaker who i could ask to take the picture so..I didn’t.


They were selling cloth. With patterns on it.


Suckers. Not ice cream



There you go. That’s it.


Comments on: "Kanamara Matsuri 2009 (Festival of the Steel Phallus)" (18)

  1. Tati Tiami said:

    Hi Colin, I came across with your blog by searching about Kanamara Festival on Google. I was there too, it was funny. Well, just wanted to say that your pictures were very nice, congrats ;)

  2. Hey, I was there, too! I’m also an exchange student in Japan; I go to Waseda University in Tokyo. Cool blog! You can check mine out at

  3. o m g.

    that`s all i got to say….

  4. Oh wow. That’s interesting to say the least.

  5. Wow. Umm….wow. lol.
    A very interesting blog post, Colin.

  6. Neat pics- I have to admit I am kind of worried about the little kids and the large wood penis. Thats creapy!

    • …whats creapy about that, to teach kids whats natural and normal. dont wanna say anything else to you… youre so screewed. you must be that dummy american…

  7. Nice defensive writing style ;P

  8. i knew i would get a few emails about it so i was just trying to minimize them.

  9. That was one of the weridest post you’ve ever posted

  10. frebert said:

    Hey, actually I made a video with the white camera … not a picture ;-)

  11. Shizuka-San said:

    I wish I was there… That would have been awesome!

  12. better suck a better penis then suck a lolypop! hahha

  13. its weird festival. but i like to watch that

  14. haha. what a cool culture

  15. thats great :D

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