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Here’s a collection of photos I took of Tokyo today with my cell phone from a car.  None of them were edited, it’s just that my cell phone camera acts funky sometimes and adds it’s own slight affects to pictures.


This was, amazingly, the best picture i managed to get of Tokyo Tower.  All the other ones had either a building or a sign blocking the entire tower.  Here you can at least see some of it.

DVC00007 DVC00009

Tokyo Harbor




  The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo














                  A bridge going to Yokohama

                                           (in distance)



Same Bridge as above/right


A tunnel. Yeah


My lens was smudged which gave this picture a nice glowing look


Comments on: "Tokyo by Cell Phone Camera" (3)

  1. so envy you ; TT^TT
    i think my host family not allw me to have cells for sure !!

    your picture is so cool :]
    i can:t wait to go to skool now

    PS. tomorrow i will go to Tokyo ^^

  2. Pretty pictures!! :D I think the last one looks the best, but overall the city looks so pretty~~ *-*

  3. Woah, such pretty pictures for a cellphone!
    Tokyo looks nice and clean, I want to go too :p

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