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…it has a hamster police force band.


Either that, or it’s advising the people in Kawasaki to lock their doors. I think. I have no clue.  For all I know Japanese wise, there really could be a hamster police force band.


Comments on: "My city is so epic that…" (6)

  1. That’s actually really cute looking. :D It reminds me of the cute signs you can find a lot over there. (Or, so I’ve seen/heard.)

  2. If I can decipher the images clearly.. it says…. run to your leader, we are coming. Hmm… Cool. Finally Japan is coming to America!

  3. Japanese Hamsters, that is

  4. lol the pic reminded me of Hamtaro xDDD

  5. That hamster band is so cute. Japanese love cute.



    Here’s the poster title in kanji and hiragana.

  6. It’s actually not a police but the firefighters’ band. They tell you on the poster that they want to create a city where you can live in peace without being afraid of fires.

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