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7 Features

Here is a list of 7 features my Japanese home has that I think are nifty (and that I don’t have in America)

1. A Japanese Toilet

It has a heated seat, as well as many other features.


2. An in-toilet Sink

The water you use to wash your hands fills the tank and is used to flush the toilet for the next person.  Not only is it economic, but also eco-friendly.


3. A rice Cooker

I love rice.


4. An…intercom thingy

I don’t quite remember what it’s called, but you can view who’s at your front door without having to open it as well as talk to the person who’s there.


5. A Japanese Style Entry Hall

While many homes around the world have entry halls, this one is special in that you must take your shoes off.  It keeps the floors in the house very clean.


6. A Double-lock Door

While annoying to lock, it’s a very safe door as you cannot kick it down (You can quite easily kick down a one-lock door. ) Though it’s somewhat unnecessary considering Japan is so safe.


7. A Japanese Bathroom

Another economic feature of a Japanese home.  You sit on the stool and wash yourself, and then soak in the tub that’s full of hot water.  It’s economic in the sense that everyone in the household uses the same bathwater (The bathwater is clean, after all, considering you washed off beforehand)



Comments on: "7 Features" (8)

  1. aaa.. I think my family has all of those too :)
    At least nr. 1, 2, 5 and 7 ^^

  2. we have a double lock door and a rice cooker at home! ^__^
    Late last year, I found out that rice cookers arent common in western homes. O_O I honestly thought every home has one. Very convenient thing, it is ^__^

  3. XD Looks like a pretty sweet house you’ve got there. I think the thing with the toilet and and the water is the most interesting. What a nifty way to save water. Who would’ve thought? (Well, now, of course Asians did. xD)

    That phone’s pretty nifty, too~

  4. sangatsu said:

    Your #2 (in-toilet sink) : I remember seeing that too in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium.

  5. sangatsu said:

    And of course, many people also have a rice cooker in North-America (we’ve had one for at least 30 years in Canada).
    Same with the double-lock door : I live in Japan but our door has only one lock; on the other hand, I’ve seen doors with 4 or 5 locks in New York in the 70’s).
    For the rest, I would agree that the other items are more specific to Japan (although the heated toilet seat is also starting to come to Canada and the US).

  6. Janet Ha said:

    Does your host family know you have posted photos of their toilet? Do they still speak to you?

  7. They actually saw my blog tonight and sort of joked about the toilet picture. I think. Well, anyways, they still speak to me. I think

  8. gomen, I didn’t know There was a comment system implemented :X Well now I know =) Japanese toilets are amazing aren’t they? =D Guys really don’t benefit much from the heated toilet seat unless it’s a bad case of taco hell at 3am, but for women… It should be a godsend. Be careful though colin! Don’t push the third button to the top most left! It’s actually a tampon remover!! LEARN FROM SOMEONE WITH A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE! DO NOT PRESS THAT BUTTON!

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