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I’ve been stalking

I’ve been looking up stuff on my school, and have found some pretty…interesting pictures.


No, but really, I think there’s going to be some interesting field trips:


I’m really interested (third time I’ve used that word (sort of) this blog post) to see how this whole “Boys School” thing goes…

Looky at that kid in the center’s hand gestures. Pretty rebellious stuff going on there.

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Comments on: "I’ve been stalking" (4)

  1. angiechees said:

    That first picture made me laugh hecka hard!! Because I thought he was a girl! But then remember you’re going to an all boys school……xD

  2. sunnivatama said:

    gash ! you’re sooo lucky you got in an all boys school, it looks extreamly fun. I would have gone through with murder to come to an all-boys-school (dreams of Hana Kimi.. uh, more drowling than dreaming to be quite honest) .

  3. OMG. Those pictures make me laugh. XD I had to do a double take with the pink Power Ranger.

    And strangely enough from the second one I’m going some “wanna-be-gangsta” vibes. :P Looks like you’ll have more than enough fun though!

  4. yay think we all got family and so on… so fun all boy school!

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