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I finally (finally) got a host family today.

I have three host brothers, one of which is going to be an exchange student in the United States (I think. I couldn’t quite tell from the e-mail i got)

I’m going to be going to an all-boys school in Tokyo.

I’m going to be living in Kawasaki, between Tokyo and Yokohama.  Which is famous for it’s…festivals.  I’ll put it like that.  I’ll give you a hint and say the girls below aren’t riding a horse.


Image from

If you can figure out what the picture is, good for you. If you can’t, you should either think harder or just stop thinking about it all together.

EDIT: Image has been cropped due to a surprisingly high number of complaints (not from blog comments, from elsewhere).  Click on the image to see a gallery of images from last year’s event.  May not be work safe

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Comments on: "How…manly?" (7)

  1. Yey! Congrats!!!

  2. angiechees said:

    OMG OMG OMG!! DUDE CONGRATS!!! And that’s so awesome!! Tokyo!!! You must be totally glad now right? Lol :D

  3. Disturbing picture..

    But congrats!

  4. Congrats on your host family

    Have fun at the … festivals :P

  5. amydien said:

    Congrats, Colin!! ^____^

  6. Those pictures of the tiny kids on the big penis made of wood…

    Anna and me are coming to visit you.

  7. It’s funny, Inga, because Anna said the exact same thing

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