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Epic Number

I calculated that if I go to Japan on the 16th of March and get back on the 10th of January, I’ll be in Japan for approximately 300 days.


I’d say the movie is a pretty good representation of how my trip is going to be.

And an even better representation of my body.


And no, I still do not have a family yet which is why this post is so random.


Comments on: "Epic Number" (2)

  1. Y’know…YFU might want to get looking at your family situation thing. Not that they aren’t, but…considering how much dwindling time is left before you gotta go…O_o They’re really cutting it close.

    Love the 300 picture. XD Sure, a trip to Japan equals a mass of Spartan warriors. Sounds about right to me. ;)

  2. Hah hey, nice blog :]

    I lol’ed at the 300 reference.

    What if this is the first thing you saw after getting off your plane? Idk with the economy & everything…

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