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I dislike my name

One of the main things I’ve been worrying (well, not worrying as much as I’d say its curiousity) about how people will reply to my name in Japan, as it’s not only a rather weird name in English but even weirder in Japanese (Korin, or “コリン”. If you read it too fast it sounds like “corn”. Thankfully, the Japanese word for corn is not taken from the english language).  And my last name, which I’m not going to share, is even weirder in Japanese and I don’t even know how to translate it into Japanese.


Just another interesting post by me

Darn you, dancing corn!

Darn you...


Comments on: "I dislike my name" (8)

  1. Y’know, that’s pretty funny. :D I personally like my name when it’s pronounced by Japanese speakers. It sounds cute that way.

    Have fun with that in Japan. XD It can be some sort of inside joke for people who get it and people who don’t.

  2. Hi Colin,
    I can sympathize, because when you hear your name pronounced over and over again a certain way, you might get an identity crisis.
    My parents named me Pamela, but everyone always called me Pam. Then when I moved to Japan, and new Japanese friends started calling me Pam-san, it sounded very strange to my ears, パッムさん、with the first syllable very rapid, like pompom. I didn’t like it at all.
    So I started introducing myself as Pamela. Now everyone calls me pamera. パメラ。That’s fine.
    Enjoy your time in Japan.

  3. angiechees said:

    Hahahahahaha LMAO! Sorry I had to laugh. xD Please don’t be offended.

  4. I was an exchange student in Germany, all so many years ago. You’d think that “Ann” would be easy enough, but it sounds like the German word for the letter “N”. People thought this was hilarious. I ended up going by Annie for the year. I used to hate the name Annie, but after that year, I’ve grown to love it. Enjoy your exchange year! I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

  5. i think its really funny because ‘korin’ sounds like the womans name.
    im not sure how its spelt, but its short for Corinthia. lol

  6. funny post, though i have a worse name, lemuel in our country, Philippines and if i go to Japan, it will be remueru since they don’t have l’s. i guess your name is not that bad. Good day! Thanks!

  7. Gee thanks Beck :P

  8. Would it help if you spelled it phonetically? :D Might be kinda strange, but I’m assuming your name is pronounced ‘kah-lin’ right? Well, change that ko to a ka and see what that sounds like!

    … =D

    Okay… it might not be as “green” as your name but what you want from me?! >_>

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